Beowulf Retold

BeowulfCD: Tales of Ancient Warriors

This Program was designed with schools in mind. Gary Whitaker has written a retelling of the ancient tale of Beowulf which is simply called, Beowulf Retold.
In schools he will present the introductory program which is Part one of his three part retelling of this ancient tale. Part one covers the opening story dealing with Beowulf and Grendel and their final battle.

This program also includes a short history regarding the history of the original manuscript and how it has affected modern day literature.  Upon completion of the Program the teachers will receive a copy of Beowulf Retold on DVD so that students can watch the entire program in the comfort of their classroom and where The Storyman’s version can be discussed.

The late professor Joseph Roesch (holding a doctorate in Medieval English Literature) declares in his review of
Tales of Ancient Warriors:
"Your delivery of Beowulf perfectly captures the dark and grim tone, that quality of sheer terror that makes this ancient poem more genuinely exciting than any other in our language...No mere reading of the text of Beowulf, either in the original or in translation, can achieve that effect the way your oral interpretation does."

Beowulf Retold is a 40 minute program.
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