Crusty Gabe’ Mountain Man

Need a Story Teller
Call on the Old Mountain Man !
“ Crusty Gabe ”
To Spin some
‘Head Scratchin’ yarns

Crusty Ole Gabe has stories about the Mountain Men of early America along with some Tall Tales to boot.  He will spin yarns some tall and some true , such as the true stories of John Colter, Bill Sublette, Black Harris or of Huge Glass and the Griz!   “GOT GRIZ!!! ”

He will take you on the life or death run to escape the Blackfeet Injuns! He’ll have you walk beside Bill Sublette and Black Harris as they travel 1500 miles just to deliver a message in the dead of winter. Yes sir , he will make you feel the earth beneath your feet as you travel along with him in these daring exploits. Gabe (in full costume)  will also share how he lived in the mountains, his clothes, accouterments and life style. What it took to stay alive.

  Let Old Gabe into your Teepee and you won’t regret it. Keep the camp fire burnin’ cause here comes “Old Gabe! ”

“Crusty Gabe “ is a Storytelling Character created by Gary Whitaker , The Storyman  to portray Mountain Man stories and tall tales .
Note: this is not a program for the little ones it is geared to 3rd grade and up
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Let the stories live, bring on the storyteller!