Look at my programs, check them out. I have been performing since 1997 as a paid teller / Performer. I am now a FULL TIME Storyteller and my fees have change because I am free to perform anywhere and anytime.

Civic and Private Programs - $150
(this fee is flexible depending on circumstances )

School Fees

After School Programs - $250
Half Day Program - $250
All Day Program - $400
Library Fee - $250

Storytelling Class  Program
same fees above apply

My Storytelling Class is designed to suit all ages.
Kids need to know why Storytelling is important and how to tell a tale. Learning the basics of storytelling will help kids to develop speaking skills, how to interact with an audience and how to feel comfortable in front of one.

Please call if you have questions !
If you are hiring me for a full day I can mix a storytelling program  with some classes and an Instruction class with another on the same day.

I am a member of the Tarrant Area Guild of Storytellers and the Tejas Storytelling Association ( TSA ). I have performed at the TSA festival in Denton Texas numerous times and also run storytelling training programs.  I have also performed at the George West Storytelling Festival in South Texas.

For more Information Call : 817.301.5611 ( if I don’t answer please leave a message)
Or email me at: or

Check out the programs below!
Let the stories live, bring on the storyteller!