The Tall Tales of Shiny Buzzard

Gary Whitaker the Storyman, presents a new storytelling program; Tall Tales Told by Shiny Buzzard A Cowboy of the Old West.This is a series of all new stories, written by Gary Whitaker, utilizing the tall tale format based on his new character Shiny Buzzard. These fun old west tales performed in costume bring to life wild experiences that fire up the IMAGINATION !

Invite ol’ Shiny Buzzard to sit by the camp fire or to take the stage and share some of his Tall Tales such as the time he was ‘Buffalo’d’ or when he got his ‘First Bear’ and maybe the tale of ‘One Shot’ that got him more than he had bargained for. And if you’re lucky he might strum a tune on his itty Bitty Banjo ! (and if you’re really lucky maybe he wont.)
Fun for all!
Length of stories very from 8 to 12 minutes. This program is suitable for kindergarten and up through adult ages.

  Review of Shiny Buzzard Program
" Shiny Buzzard was Awesome! The kids talked about him all the way outside and all through dismissal.
Thanks for Coming! "

    Cathy Linehan,
    3rd Grade Teacher
    Spicer Elementary, BISD
    (May 2013)

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Let the stories live, bring on the storyteller!